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College Application Resource provides families with the tools to facilitate their students' college application process.

College Application Resource (CAR) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit since 2017, but began its work over 12 years ago by two parents who wanted to share what they had learned from their children’s college application experiences. Wendy Wurr and Bonnie Klahr have spent the past 10 years developing the CAR program. CAR has successfully produced a FREE workshop that includes info sessions with college presenters, financial speakers, applications and much more!

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Meet the Founders

Bonnie Klahr and Wendy Wurr are the co-founders and driving force behind College Application Resource (CAR). Having spent over ten years and countless hours researching and organizing the most up to date college application information into a cohesive and understandable package for the families, Wendy and Bonnie volunteer their time to help others. They strongly believe that every family that has a student who qualifies to attend college, should have the resources and tools to apply and be admitted to college. Since 2009 where they conducted their first workshops at University High School, they have educated thousands of students and family members.


Wendy Wurr


Wendy Wurr is a proud mother of two University High School alumni who have both gotten through college via her expert help. While her children were in school, she was a board member of the UHS Parent Association for 6 years, a member of the UHS Site Council for 5 years, and President of the University High School Foundation (UHSF) for 4 years after helping to found the Foundation as well as her 20 years of various school involvement in both TUSD and TVUSD.

Wendy’s background involves a degree and a few years working in elementary education which then transitioned into a 15-year career in hotel sales and marketing. As a stay-at-home mom for the last 20 years, education has been a driving force in her dedication to helping the children of today.

Wendy has a love for family and learning which is evident through her consistent involvement in her children’s education and beyond. The convoluted nature of applying to college in the modern age came to her attention when she helped her children through it initially, which led her down the path of teaching other families how to navigate the process.

Wendy wants to make sure no student, parent, or family member feels alone in this intense undertaking.

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Bonnie Klahr


Bonnie Klahr is a dedicated parent of two University High School alumni with a pronounced background in being involved in her children's education. Her involvement is shown through her years on the University High Site Counsel, part of which as facilitator; her time on the Continental School District Board; and her support in setting up and running the University High School Foundation.

It was through the establishment of the Foundation that united Bonnie and Wendy in their mission to help families through the trials and tribulations students face, not just in high school, but also in the process of applying for college. Bonnie brings a unique perspective to the CAR team with her background in practicing law as well as with her past district level involvement.